Creating nice layouts for your blog pages is essential. Setting image height is easy.

You can easily change this using a CSS hack. Always make a backup first!

Add the following line to your custom CSS section:

.columns-2 .left.item-image {height: 200px;} .columns-2 .left.item-image img {height: 200px;}

You can change the CSS to your liking of course. This example only works if you have 2 columns set (.columns-2) in the settings of your blog. If you have 3 columns, change the code to suit your needs. Read this article for more info.

This option sets the height of each image to 200px. So it could mean that your X and Y scaling of the image will not be proportional. only use this is images you use are sort of the same, in that case, there is little to no need to exactly slice the images the same height. 

Boy, did we break a promise here? You have to code some, with KickstartCassopiea, well, you could, you don't have to!

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