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Our website has a module on the homepage, published in the 'banner' position.

How you can realise this is explained in the this article. 

  1. Go to modules, and create a new module, and select Custom
  2. Go to tab Options to set the background image
  3. Go to tab Module to set the text, and choose position 'Banner'
  4. Set Title to 'hide'
  5. Go to tab Advanced and choose layout 'banner'
  6. Publish the module on the pages you want it to show up.

Now your banner is all set, like you can see in the image above, or on our homepage.

Our KickstartCassiopeia has the option to change the overlay color for this banner, to for instance make it somewhat darker, to have the text show up better. Or set a color overlay to suit your design requirements. You can go to our module, select the tab Menu/Header and then the banner overlay color.

This is a RGBA color, that hold transparency at the end. 0 is fully transparent, 1 completely non-transparent. The color selector lets you choose the color and the transparency.