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KickstartCassiopeia enables you to use a mobile contact bar.

This allows you to setup up to 4 contact options, that will be permanently visible on a mobile device. This will allow the visitors of your site to instantly contact you through the options you select.


  • Available in module versions 1.3 and higher
  • It holds up to 4 contact options, namely Phone, Email, Whatsapp and Skype
  • You can use them all, or just one
  • Makes use of the familiair icons for each channel
  • You can set the color of the icons
  • You can set the color of the bar
  • No data is collected from your websites visitors
  • Super easy to setup!

How to use

Got to your module, section 'Mobile contact bar'. Enable the feature, and set the desired values for each channel. If left empty, the icon will not appear.