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KickstartCassiopeia comes with the option to set a cookie notice. This option allows you to inform your visitors that you use cookies.

This article will go into detail on setting this up for you.

NOTE: This feature only works if the popup feature is not active! (thx to Jörn Wommelsdorff for the heads up!)

First off, the cookie notice does NOT prevent cookies from being set. It is purely a notice. Cookie notices appear when a user lands on your website and informs them that the website is using cookies, and that the user must make a choice to agree.

Setting this up is very easy, just go to our module and select the tab Privacy/Cookies. The options here are very simple. 

  • Select if you want to use the option;
  • Set the text that appears in the box;
  • Set the text that will act as a link to your privacy policy;
  • Set the link to the policy (a menu for instance);
  • Set a dismiss text, that the user must click to have the noice hidden;
  • Set the amount of days the notice will remain hidden.