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Starting a new website with Joomla 4 can be daunting. Especially the templating part. Cassiopeia is the new template for Joomla 4. It is based on Bootstrap 5 and has many features. But the admin settings lack in options. 

We have created a module, that takes care of that! You can customize your website with the default Cassiopeia template (the module only works flawlessly with this template) in some very easy steps. Read this carefully, i will write this only once... ;-)


  1. Make sure that you are using the default Joomla4 Template, Cassiopeia.
  2. Setup the menu in the right way, if you plan to set the menu next to the logo, visit this article!
  3. Set up logo options, fixed header and back to top button as you desire, in the default Cassiopeia template.
  4. Download the module.
  5. Publish the module on all pages desired.
    - when publishing use the following options:
       - Hide title
       - Select position: 'banner' (or 'debug' if you want the module to also style your error page)

  6. Publish the menu in the 'menu' position. (reminder)
  7. Make sure any caching plugins are disabled, at least during development.
  8. Start your customising. You can set tons of options now. No need to code!

Please see our feature-list for all the option this module has to enhance your website!