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You can easily set a background image for your menubar.

Simply go to your template, layout > Menu-header and use the option to set a menu bar background image.

To get this image to align with the background image in the banner position, just select 2 identical images, and set the menubar background to be exactly like the banner overlay color.

I will explain this step by step:

  1. Publish a 'custom' module, only on the homepage in the banner position.
  2. Set a background image (*)
  3. Go to advanced, and select layout 'Banner'
  4. Save the module, and check if it loads on your homepage
  5. Go to the module settings
  6. Go to Layout > Menu/Header
  7. Set the 'Menu bar background color' to be exactly like the 'Banner overlay color'
  8. Set the 'Menu bar background image' to be the same as step 2

Now you will have a seamless image in the header and banner, making the site look fresh and wide.